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Training the Trainer
9:00 AM
Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn
The best ideas and the latest training "intelligence" from the nation's top training company

1 Day Seminar
Missoula, MT
Monday - July 20, 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Check in at 8:30 am

Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn
5280 Grant Creek Rd
Missoula, MT 59808

$189 for groups of 5 or more


More is known today about "how to train" than ever before. Many old methods and once-accepted training practices are disappearing in favor of better, more effective procedures and strategies.

The information and technology explosion has resulted in a rapid change of pace and an "age of specialization." Employee turnover is at all-time highs, and skilled workers are harder and harder to find. To stay competitive, productive and profitable, the successful organization must recognize the need for ongoing, results-driven training programs.

Have you noticed? The best trainers make thorough preparation, exciting presentation, and complete follow-up seem effortless. Whether you're a training specialist, human resources professional, or a manager who trains, you can too — all it takes are practical skills and up-to-date strategies.

You could try to wade through reams of information, research and publications, "boiling it down" to meet your particular needs; or you could attend this outstanding, one-day seminar and learn pertinent, down-to-earth pointers that you can use immediately.
In this seminar, we'll cover:

Training on a budget: Cutting-edge, cost-conscious training plans to save you money without sacrificing quality.
How to make them want to learn! Discover 6 ways to motivate the adult learner.
11 musts for instructional presentations in an easy checklist you’ll use again and again.
Keep participants on the edge of their seats with 12 ways to build audience rapport and participation.
New employee orientation — how to make it work forever.
Debriefing — use this effective method to get better feedback from trainees and accurately measure training effectiveness.
Professional tips for visual aids: 12 ways to add visual pizzazz and punch to your training programs.


- Pinpoint Your Training Needs
- Understand the Adult Learning Process
- Plan and Develop Super-Powerful Programs
- Produce Innovative Materials and Presentations
- Encourage Maximum Learning and Participation
- Master One-on-One Training
- Evaluate Training Effectiveness
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn
Address: 5280 Grant Creek Rd, Missoula, MT 59808
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