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How to Supervise Bad Attitudes and Negative BehaviorsLegal & HR :: Talent Management also Legal & HR :: Professional Development
How to Supervise Bad Attitudes and Negative Behaviors
9:00 AM
Hampton Inn Great Falls
1 Day Seminar

$139 for groups of 5 or more


Problem employees are lurking in every workplace …

And wherever they are, you can be sure they're costing the organization plenty — in lowered morale, lost opportunities and decreased productivity. In fact, the price can be so high it's foolish to try to overlook or brush aside the problem. If you supervise an employee who has behavior or attitude problems, you need to take action — now!

Gain the tools you need to deal with problem employees … and turn them around.

This dynamic seminar gives you answers to your toughest questions, quickly and clearly. You'll learn the smart methods to help you get control over the problem people who plague your workplace … without the resentment and anger some outdated approaches can generate. Best of all, you'll discover how to tailor an individual approach for each employee's unique situation — a custom strategy that greatly increases your chances of success.

Don't let it go on even one more day. Resolving to confront it assertively and effectively! Enroll now, and you'll learn the management magic that can turn around the messiest situations … and find out what to do when you can't repair or reverse a performance problem. From the first approach to the last resort, you'll equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to stop the negative effects of problem performers, bad attitudes and unacceptable employee behavior. Don't waste another day — enroll today!


- What it is and How it Evolves: The hallmarks and causes of the bad attitude and unacceptable behavior
- Taking Effective, Decisive Action: How to manage conflict and counsel for improved performance
- Using Firm, Assertive Tactics:How to discipline to correct performance problems
- Taking the Last Resort: How to safely terminate problem employees when all else fails
- Recovery and Rebuilding Strategies: Forging ahead after change, upheaval and problem-solving
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Hampton Inn Great Falls
Address: 2301 14th St SW, Great Falls, MT 59404
Phone: (406) 453-2675

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